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  • Appropriate supply of water to the crops is called as irrigation.
  • Yields can be increased by irrigation; that is by supplying water to the farms when needed.
  • Water for irrigation comes from rivers, reservoirs, lakes, ponds, wells and tube wells.
  • The water is led along long canals or pumped into the fields through pipes using electric or diesel pumps
Traditional Methods


Chain Pump



Modern Irrigation Methods

Modern method of irrigation helps to use water economically.

 Sprinkler System
  • This system is used in uneven land. 
  • It consist of a perpendicular pipe which has a rotating nozzles on top and it is joined to main pipeline.
  • Water escapes from the rotating nozzle when water is passed through the main pipe line.
  • The water gets sprinkled on the crops.
  • Sprinklers are useful for sandy soil. 

Sprinkler Method

Drip System
  • The water falls drop by drop at the position of the roots so it is called.
  • Drip system.
  • Water is not wasted in this system.
  • It is best technique for watering fruit plants , gardens and tree.

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