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Protection from Weeds

The growth of undesirable plants in the field is called as weeds


  • The removal of unwanted plants that grow along with the crops is referred to as weeding.
  • Weeds compete with crops for water, minerals and sunlight.
  • They also spread pests on to the crops and sometimes produce poisonous substances harmful to the crops, thus reducing the yield of crops.
  • Some examples of common weed are: Parthenium (congress weed), Amaranthus (chaulai), Chenopodium (bathua), grass, wild oats, etc.
Some Common Weeds :-

Parthenium Weeds


Wild Oat

How wedding is done?
  • Weeding can be done manually by removing the weeds by hand or by using a trowel or a harrow.
  • Weeding can also be done by spraying weedicides (also called herbicides) which destroy the weeds but not the crops.
  • Some common weedicides are Dalapon, Siniazine and Picloram.
  • They are sprayed using a sprayer.


Disc Harrow


Spraying of Weeds

  • Weedicides must be used with care as they are poisonous and have side effects if consumed.
  • Grains and other crop produce must.

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