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  • Seeds used for sowing should be of good quality, healthy and free from infections.
  • They must be planted at the correct depth in the soil.
  • The soil should have enough water for the seeds to germinate as they do not germinate in dry soil. So the right quantity of water has to be ensured.
  • The seeds should be planted at the right distance from each other.
  • If they are planted too close they will not get enough sunlight, water and nutrients.
Traditional Tool
  • The traditional tool in sowing seeds is shaped like a funnel. 
  • The seeds pass through the funnel.
  • The funnel end pierces into the soil.

Traditional Tool

Seed Drill
  • In recent days seed drills are present which sows the seeds using tractors.
  • Seed drill sows the seeds uniformly at proper distance and depth.
  • It ensures seeds are properly covered by the soil.

Seed Drill

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