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  • The grains have to be dried in the sun and then packed in bags or bins before storing in granaries and silos.
  • This helps to reduce to some extent the damage caused by rodents.
  • If the monsoon fails during a particular year then it becomes essential to stock the grain.
  • This is known as buffer stock.




  • Dried neem leaves proper storage of grains is necessary to protect them from pests and microorganisms.

Animal Husbandry

  • Food is also obtained from animals for which animals are reared. This is called animal husbandry.
  • It is a practice of breeding and raising livestock. The main aim of animal husbandry is to produce the animal products like milk, meat, egg etc., in large scale.
  • Animals are reared for economic aspects, they were provided with good nutrition, proper maintainance and the best varieties were made to breed.
  • Some of the animal husbandry's are rearing of goat, hen, sheep, cow, pig etc.,

Rearing of hen

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