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  • In order to provide food to our growing population, we need to adopt certain agricultural practices.
  • Same kind of plants grown and cultivated at a place constitutes a crop.
  • In India, crops can be broadly categorized into two types based on seasons - Rabi and kharif crops.
  • It is necessary to prepare soil by tilling and leveling. Ploughs and levelers are used for this purpose.
  • Sowing of seeds at appropriate depths and distances gives good yield. Good variety of seeds is sown after selection of healthy seeds. Sowing is done by seed drills.
  • Soil needs replenishment and enrichment through the use of organic manure and fertilizers. Use of chemical fertilizers has increased tremendously with the introduction of new crop varieties.
  • Supply of water to crops at appropriate intervals is called irrigation.
  • Weeding involves removal of unwanted and uncultivated plants called weeds.
  • Harvesting is the cutting of the mature crop manually or by machines.
  • Separation of the grains from the chaff is called threshing.
  • Proper storage of grains is necessary to protect them from pests and microorganisms.
  • Food is also obtained from animals for which animals are reared. This is called animal husbandry.

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