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 In many ancient civilizations, determination of the Cube of large numbers was very common.


Aryabhatta, the ancient Indian mathematician in his famous work Aryabhatiya explains about the mathematical meaning of cube as "the continuous product of three equals as also the (rectangular) solid having 12 equal edges are called cube". It can be seen in ancient texts such as Brahmasphuta Siddhanta , Ganitha sara sangraha and Siddhanta sekhara the same concept.

Cubes are in real life:

In our day to day life, we are using cubes often.

For example:


Application of cubes and cube roots:

Cube is a solid figure. We can find the volume of cube using a mathematical formula. It is commonly used in our day to day life. For example assume that you have a cube box which contains some amount of oil in it.



How much oil does the box contain it?


You can find the amount of oil using volume of cube.

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