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Determiners can be divided into four groups according to their position in the noun phrase.

1. Central Determiners:

These are articles such as a, the etc.



  1. I was caught in a storm.
  2. She was in the room.


2. Demonstrative Determiners:

Words such as this, those, whichever, etc. are called demonstrative determined.



  1. She was waiting for this day.
  2. I love those places.


3. Post Determiners:

These determiners are used after central determiners. These include numbers.


  1. This is the first job.
  2. The two problems she gave, are difficult.


4. Pre Determiners:

These determiners are used before central determiners. These mainly refer to quantity. They include all, both, half and so on.


  1. She was here all the time.
  2. She registered both her houses.
  3. He gave me half a loaf.
Quantifiers with countable and non-countable nouns

The following quantifiers will work with countable nouns:
  • many trees
  • a few trees
  • few trees
  • several trees
  • a couple of trees
  •  none of the trees
The following quantifiers will work with un-countable nouns:
  • not much dancing
  • a little dancing
  • little dancing
  • a bit of dancing
  • a good deal of dancing
  • a great deal of dancing
  • no dancing

The following quantifiers will work with both countable and uncountable nouns:
  • all of the trees/dancing
  • some trees/dancing
  • most of the trees/dancing
  • enough trees/dancing

For example:-
"The dog barked at the boy."


"These apples are rotten."

"Their bus was late."

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