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Finding Error

Task 1: While solving an equation, Sania does the following


Coefficient 1 of the second term is not added. So that the correct answer is


Task 2: Nishanthi did the following

For x = - 2, 6x = (6 - 2) = 4   its wrong

The correct answer 6(-2) = - 12

Task 3: Ninisha and Vidya have done the multiplication of algebraic expressions in the following manner.









In the above problem, (a) when we multiply the expression enclosed in a bracket by a constant (or a variable) each term of the expression has to be multiplied by the constant (or the variable).

In (b) when we square a monomial, the numerical coefficient and each factor has to be squared.

In (c) each term should be multiplied between two brackets.

In (d) and (c) the formulae for identities should be applied.

Task 4: Pavithra does a division as :

Her friend Saritha has done the same as :

Another friend Divya does this way :

From the above 3 division Divya made it correctly. Each term in the numerator should be separately divided by the denominator.

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