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  • Each expression can be written as the product of factors. These factors may be numbers, algebraic variables or algebraic expressions.
  • An irreducible factor is a factor which cannot be expressed further as a product of factors.
  • The process of writing an algebraic expression as the product of two or more algebraic expressions is called factorisation.
  • The following steps are used in the method of common factors.
  • Each term of the expression is written as a product of irreducible factors.
    • Separate the common factors and
    • By distributive law we can combine the remaining factors.
  • The terms in an expression are grouped in such a way that we can find a common factor in each group. When we do in this manner, we can find a common factor between the groups which leads to the factorization of the given expression. This method of finding the factors for the given expression is called regrouping.
  • Some of the expressions are of the form and These expressions can be easily factorised using identities.
  • In the expression of type , we find that the numerical term is the product of the terms ab and and the coefficient of x is the sum of the terms a + b.
  • In division of a polynomial by a monomial we may carryout the division either by the common factor method or dividing each term of the polynomial by the monomial (cancellation method).
  • In the case of division of polynomial by a polynomial we factorise both the polynomials and cancel their common factors.

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