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Friction a Necessary Evil

If there is no friction between any two surfaces in contact, then the present day civilization will be no more- as we cannot even walk properly on the earth. There will be no fabrics and garments, no construction of buildings and no furniture, even no cooking and no vehicles. So friction is necessary. But too much friction causes a heavy loss of energy, wear and tear of machinery. Thus, the efficiency of machines will decrease tremendously. So, it is rightly said that friction is a necessary evil.

Friction plays an important part in daily life.

Without friction

  • A motion cannot be started. We cannot walk on a frictionless surface.

  • A motion cannot be transferred. In a rotating machine wheel by motor wheel by a belt cannot be done if there is no friction between the belt and the wheels.

  • Grinding will not take place. Wheat and spices will remain ungrounded.

  • Match stick will not ignite.


Disadvantages of Friction :-

Though friction is useful in many fields, it is harmful in the working machines and objects in use.

  • Due to friction between different parts of a machine, wear and tear of parts take place and excessive heat is produced. This reduces the efficiency and life of the machine. 
  • Due to friction, the sole of a shoe is worn out.
  • Friction can also produce heat, causing wastage of energy when a machine is operated.

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