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  • Frictional forces are present in our daily life.
  • Frictional force is an example of contact force.
  • The friction force is directly proportional to the normal reaction between the surfaces.
  • The frictional force opposes the motion or its tendency to the motion.
  • Due to friction between different parts of a machine, wear and tear of parts take place and excessive heat is produced. This reduces the efficiency and life of the machine.
  • Static friction results when the surfaces of two objects are at rest relative to one another and a force exists on one of the objects to set it into motion relative to the other object.
  • Sliding friction results when an object slides across a surface. As an example, consider pushing a box across a floor.
  • Friction is greatly diminished by the use of lubricants.
  • Objects moving through a fluid experience fluid friction, or drag.
  • The process of shaping a body to reduce fluid friction is called streamlining.

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