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The decline of the Mughul Empire.

The Mughal Empire was an imperial power which ruled most of the Indian subcontinent from the early 16th to the mid-19th centuries. At the height of its power, around 1700, it controlled most of the subcontinent and parts of what is now Afghanistan.

Mughal Empire at its greatest extent in 1700


Aurangzeb was the last of the Great Mughal kings.


Emperor Aurangzeb

After the death of Emperor Aurangzeb the Mughal Empire began to decline.

The reasons for the decline of the Mughal Empire were:-

  • Local Subadars and zamindars began asserting their authority and establishing regional kingdoms.
  • Powerful regional kingdoms emerged in various parts of India.
  • There was no effective control over the entire region in the centre.
  • The British started emerging as a political power.

With the decline of the Mughal Empire, the British emerged on the Indian scene as a small trading company called the ‘East India Trading company’.

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