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  • History, in its broadest sense, is the totality of all past events. 
  • All the records of our pasts revolved around Kings and kingdoms. 
  • Historical events usually refer to a particular time in the past. It is easy to mention the dates when we talk of incidences of war and the events of that kind. 
  • Dates or times-frames and history are inseparable as history is all about records of events that happened at some time in the past. 
  • Historians divided history according to their ideas of the past.
  • The most important source of our history is the official records maintained by the British Administration.
  • Other sources of information that is available to us are diaries of people, accounts of pilgrims and travelers, autobiographies of important personalities, popular booklets and newspapers, books and letters written by leaders, reformers, poets and novelists.

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