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Question 1

Write a brief note on the Ministry of Human Resource Development in India.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development is an Indian government ministry, responsible for the development of human resources. The ministry is divided into two departments:
The Department of School Education and Literacy - it deals with primary education and literacy

The Department of Higher Education - it deals with secondary and post-secondary education.

The department originated as the Indian Education Department in the 1910 under the British Raj. After independence, the Ministry of Education was created in 1947. The Ministry of Education was merged with the newly-created Ministry of Human Resources Development in 1985.

The Ministry aims to achieve universal access and enrollment, universal retention of children up to 14 years of age in schools, and substantial improvement in the quality of education to enable all children to achieve essential levels of learning
Question 2

What is population study known as?

Population study is known as demography.
Question 3

Why is population study essential?

Population studies are essential for the government to plan areas such as health, education, housing, social security, employment, and environmental preservation.
Question 4

Sixty per cent of the world’s people stay in just 10 countries. Name the countries with the percentage of world population.


10 countries with the maximum population in the world:-
China: 20% of world population
India: 17%
United States: 4.6%
Indonesia: 3.5%
Brazil: 2.8%
Pakistan: 2.5%
Bangladesh: 2.3%
Russia: 2.2%
Nigeria: 2.1%
Japan: 2.0%
What is population density?

Population density refers to the number of people per square kilometer of land area.

The average density of population in the whole world is 45 persons per square km.

Question 6

What is the average density of population in India?

The average density of population in India is 324 persons per square km.
Question 7

What are the different characteristics of population composition?

Population compositions are usually formulated for the following characteristics:-
  • Population Composition of age and sex
  • Population composition of Primary School Age children going to school
  • Population composition of Primary School Age children not going to school
  • Population composition of Occupation
Question 8

How does topography affect distribution of population?

People always prefer to live on plains rather than mountains and plateaus, because plains are suitable for farming, manufacturing and service activities. The Ganga plains are the most densely populated areas of the world while mountains like Andes, Alps and Himalayas are sparsely populated.
Question 9

Differentiate between ‘emigrants’ and ‘immigrants’.

Emigrants are people who leave a country; Immigrants are those who arrive in a country.
Question 10

Why is population growth slowing in united Kingdoms?

Population growth is slowing in United Kingdoms because of both low death and low birth rates.

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