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The people of a country are called the ‘human resource’ of that country. People are a nation’s greatest asset. A country may be gifted with an abundance of natural resources like minerals, fertile land and water, but all this become significant only if the people of the country have the ability to make use of it. Hence ‘human resource’ is the ultimate resource.


  • Healthy, educated and motivated people develop resources as per their requirements.
  • Human resources like other resources are not equally distributed over the world.
  • They differ in their educational levels, age and gender.
  • The number of people in a country keeps changing and even their characteristics change with time.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) is an Indian government ministry, responsible for the development of human resources
The ministry is divided into two departments:

• The Department of School Education and Literacy. It deals with primary education and literacy

• The Department of Higher Education. It deals with secondary and post-secondary education.
History of HRD

 The department originated as the Indian Education Department in the 1910 under the British Raj.

 After independence, the Ministry of Education was created in 1947.

 The Ministry of Education was merged with the newly-created Ministry of Human Resources Development in 1985.

The Ministry aims to achieve universal access and enrollment, universal retention of children up to 14 years of age in schools, and substantial improvement in the quality of education to enable all children to achieve essential levels of learning.

The Creation of the Human Resource Development Ministry shows how important people are as a resource for the country.


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