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  • The people of a country are called the ‘human resource’ of that country
  • A country may be gifted with an abundance of natural resources like minerals, fertile land and water, but all this become significant only if the people of the country have the ability to make use of it. 
  • The Creation of the Human Resource Development Ministry shows how important people are as a resource for the country.
  • Population is a term that refers to the total human inhabitants of a specified area, such as a city, country, or continent, at a given time.
  • Distribution of Population is the way in which people are spread across the earth’s surface.
  • Physical features of an area are one of the reasons for a region being sparsely populated or otherwise.
  • Population density refers to the number of people per square kilometer of land area.
  • There are many factors affecting distribution of population.
  • The population change refers to change in the number of people during a specific time
  • Migration is another way by which there is a population change.
  • According to statistic the world overall population in increasing rapidly.

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