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It refers to 3 major economic activities.


Production of goods

  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Cloth Manufacturing
  • Automobile Manufacturing

Extraction of Minerals

  • Extraction of Coal
  • Extraction of Petroleum Products
  • Extraction of Gold and Other Metals

Provision of Services

  • Tourism Industry
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication Industry
  • Banking Sector

Let us take the first industrial activity - Production of goods or manufacturing.

Changing raw material into products of more value is called manufacturing or Secondary activities


Now let us see how raw material changes into a valuable product.

Paper Manufacturing ​

Trees are used for making paper. Sometimes trees are specially grown and harvested for this purpose.

The tree is cut and the logs are passed through a debarker, where the bark is removed.

The debarked wood is sent through chippers where a spinning blade cuts the wood into 1” pieces.

The wood chips are then pressure-cooked with a mixture of water and chemicals in a digester. Here it turns into pulp.

The pulp is washed, refined, cleaned and sometimes bleached, then turned to slush in the beater.  Colour dyes, coatings and other additives are mixed in, and the pulp slush is pumped onto a moving wire screen​​.

As the pulp travels down the screen, water is drained away and recycled.   The resulting crude paper sheet, or web, is squeezed between large rollers to remove most of the remaining water and ensure smoothness and uniform thickness.  The semidry web is then run through heated dryer rollers to remove the remaining water.

The finished paper is then wound into large rolls, which can be 30 feet wide and weigh close to 25 tons. ​

A slitter cuts the paper into smaller, more manageable rolls, and the paper is ready for use.


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