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Land Use

Land is used for different purposes. They are:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Building Houses
  • Roads
  • Setting Up of Industries
  • Land Use


    This utilization of land is called Land use.

    Now let us go back to Mamba in Tanzania and Peter in New Zealand and list out the different reasons for which they used their land.



    * Mamba’s family used their land to grow maize and beans as their land was rocky and had little water.


    * They could rear only a few goats as the land was not very fertile and they could not provide enough fodder for the goats.



    * Peter’s family reared sheep in their grasslands as the land was very fertile and plenty of water was available. Since they could rear many sheep they had a wool processing factory.

    *They also grew vegetables in their farm by using modern technology in farming.

    From this we come to understand that the utilization of land is determined by the physical features of the region.

  • Landscape
  • Soil
  • Climate
  • Minerals Available In That Region
  • Availability of Water
  • Human Population
  • Use Of Modern Technology
  • are the factors that determine the pattern in which that particular region is utilized.


    Land can be further divided on the basis of who owns that particular land

  • Private Land: Land owned by individuals.
  • Community Land: Land owned by the community or government and which is used for common purposes.
  • With the ever increasing population the demand for more usable land is rising all over the earth.

  • Land is needed for more housing complexes with the increase in population.
  • Land is needed for agriculture to feed the increasing population.
  • Land is needed for industries and the resultant mining activities.
  • This dire need for more and more land is leading to dangerous environmental changes.

  • Land degradation.
  • Landslides.
  • Soil Erosion.
  • Desertification.
  • are the major threats to the environment because of the expansion of agriculture and constructional activities.




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