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Natural vegetation and wild life

Natural vegetation and wild life exists in the biosphere.


The biosphere includes the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the lithosphere.

  • The atmosphere is the air around us.
  • The hydrosphere is the accumulation of water in all its states.
  • The lithosphere is the thin crust between the mantle and the atmosphere.

In the biosphere living beings are inter-related and interdependent on each other for survival. This life supporting system is known as the ecosystem.

Vegetation and wildlife are valuable resources to mankind.

Natural Vegetation

Plants provide us with …

  • Timber.
  • Give Shelter to Animals.
  • Produce the Oxygen we Breathe.
  • Protects Soils that is Essential for Growing Crops.
  • Act as Shelter Belts.
  • Help in Storage of Underground Water.
  • Give us Fruits, Nuts, Latex, Turpentine Oil, Gum.
  • Medicinal Plants Cure Innumerable Diseases.
  • Trees Provide Paper that is so Essential for Our Studies.

    Natural Vegetation

    Let us look at a few things that we use, which are made from natural products.


    Things Made from Natural Products



    Wildlife includes…
  • Animals.
  • Birds.
  • Insects.
  • Aquatic Life Forms.

    Use of Animals

    • They provide us with a wide variety of things that are so essential to all of us.
    • Cows, sheep and goats provide us with milk, meat, hides and wool.
    • Insects like bees provide us honey, help in pollination of flowers and have an important role to play as decomposers in the ecosystem.
    • The birds feed on insects and act as decomposers as well.
    • Vulture feed on dead livestock is a scavenger and considered a vital cleanser of the environment.

    From this we come to understand the vital role wildlife play in maintaining balance in the ecosystem that is the very basis of our existence.


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