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  • Natural resources are naturally occurring substances that are considered valuable in their relatively natural form.
  • Land is a very important resource for mankind and all living organisms.
  • Land is used for different purposes like agriculture, forestry, mining, building houses, roads and setting up of industries.
  • The total land resource on our earth is fixed and the increasing demand for land has led to large scale destruction of forest cover and arable land. 
  • Afforestation is the process of establishing a forest on land that is not a forest, or has not been a forest for a long time by planting trees or their seeds. 
  • Land reclamation is the creation of new land where there was once water. 
  • Soil is the surface layer of the earth’s crust that develops because of weathering and erosion. 
  • The type of soil in a region depends upon a variety of factors like relief, climate and parent rock material. 
  • Soil erosion and depletion are the major threats to soil as a resource. 
  • Some of the methods used across the world to conserve soil and to take optimum benefit are, Mulching, Contour Barriers, Rock Dam, Terrace Farming, Intercropping, Crop Rotation, Contour Ploughing, Shelter Belts, Afforestation and Prevention of Overgrazing. 
  • Water is a vital renewable natural resource. Three-fourths of the earth’s surface is covered with water and hence it is called a ‘water planet’. 
  • Increasing population, rising demands for food and cash crops, increasing urbanisation and rising standards of living are the major factors leading to shortages in supply of fresh water. 
  • Access to clean and adequate water sources is a major problem facing the world today. 
  • Water pollution can be controlled by treating the effluent waste before releasing them into water bodies. 
  • Forest and other vegetation should be grown, as this cover slows down the surface runoff and replenishes underground water. 
  • Rain Water harvesting is another method to save surface runoff. 
  • Water - canals used for irrigating fields should be properly lined to minimize losses by water seepage. 
  • Natural vegetation and wild life exists in the biosphere. 
  • The growth of vegetation depends on two major factors: temperature and moisture. 
  • Poaching is a major cause for concern as many species of animals and birds are extinct now due to poaching. 
  • People have to be educated on the vital role natural resources play in our lives and steps should be taken to conserve the wildlife. 
  • Conservation of plants and animals is the moral duty of every citizen all over the world.

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