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Environment as a Public Facility


A Clean Environment has to be considered a public facility and like all public facilities has to reach all citizens equally.


Let us take the case of the factories in Delhi

  • Many factories that were functioning in residential areas in Delhi were ordered to be closed as they were polluting the surroundings.

  • The discharge from these factories was also polluting the River Yamuna, which was the source of drinking water for the public.

  • Factories that were ordered to be closed shifted to places in rural areas.

  • Now these rural areas were getting polluted and people in these areas were getting affected.


So the only way to solve this problem will be to insist that factories adopt cleaner technologies and establish effective pollution control methods. Strict rules have to be imposed on factories to ensure pollution control. This will ensure that the workers livelihoods are protected and communities living around the factories, wherever they may be, enjoy a safe environment.

Low wages, unsafe working conditions, child labour and damage to the environment are some of the unfair practises that private companies, contractors and businessmen indulge in to make higher profits.


It is the duty of the government to pass laws and enforce them strictly to protect the citizen from being exploited. It is also the duty of the common man to support the government and demand stronger laws so that the Right to Life is achieved for all.

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