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The common man is exploited in most societies. When this happens it is the duty of the judiciary system and the government to ensure that social justice prevails and all the citizens can establish their rights.

Let us take a look at the textile market.

  • The farmer produces cotton

  • The weaver weaves the cotton into cloth.

  • The cloth is transported to the garment factories.

  • The garment factories make the garments, pack them and they are sent to the local market, the national market or the export market.


From the farmer to the consumer many people are involved in the manufacture of garments. Many of these people are exploited is some way or the other.

  • The farmer may not get the right price for the cotton he sells.

  • The weaver who works had at the loom is paid very little wages.

  • The girls who work in the garment factories are over worked for minimum wages.

  • The consumer sometimes gets sub-standard garments for the exorbitant amount he pays.

How and who can protect these people from the exploitation they face?

To protect people from such exploitation, the government makes certain laws. These laws try to ensure that the unfair practices are kept at a minimum in the markets.

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