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Care of Eyes

Nature has provided us with a wonderful gift, our eyes. We must take proper care of them because they must serve us for our entire life. Follow these simple precautions to help protect the eyes:

1. Wash your eye with clean cold (boiled and cooled) water at least twice a day.

2. Do not use too bright or dim light while reading or doing work that requires close concentration.

3. Raise your eyes from time to time while you are reading, watching television or doing work that requires close concentration

4. Do not rub your eyes if something gets into them, your tears wills wipe them out or use cold water to wash it off.

5. Do not read in a moving bus or train.

6. Be very careful while playing outside with things which are sharp or projecting.

7. Consult a doctor in the event of an injury or any other problem.

8. Get your eyesight checked and use spectacles if the doctor recommends them.

9. Lack of vitamin A in foodstuff is responsible for many eye troubles. Most common amongst them is night blindness.


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