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Making of Kaleidoscope

Materials Required

  • Mirrors: Three for each kaleidoscope
  • PVC Pipe: One for each kaleidoscope
  • PVC End Cap: One for each kaleidoscope
  • Adhesive-backed Foam Strips: Three pieces for each kaleidoscope
  • Foam Rope: Three pieces for each kaleidoscope
  • Petrie Dishes: One for each kaleidoscope
  • PVC Cement
  • Transparent Tape: About one roll for every five kaleidoscopes
  • Labels: With the name of your school or organization
  • Sharpie Markers: Permanent, in various colors
  • Small Pieces of Sandpaper: About 100 grit

Preparing the Materials

Cut the acrylic mirror into strips. Vacuum the mirrors.

Cut the PVC pipe into 7-7/8 inch tubes. Clean the tubes

Drill holes in the center of the PVC end caps

Cut the adhesive-backed foam weather stripping into one-inch pieces.

Cut the foam rope into one-inch pieces.

Glue the bottoms of the Petrie dishes onto the PVC tubes.

Make the Kaleidoscopes :-

For each kaleidoscope, remove the protective film from the faces of three mirrors.


                    Gather the mirrors in your hands, long edges together

                Gently and carefully fold the mirrors into a triangle, shiny sides in.

Line up the corners to form an equilateral triangle

Wind transparent tape around the triangle, approximately 1/2 inch from each end. Students may want to work in pairs for this, one student to hold the mirrors and another student to wind the tape

When securely and neatly taped, the mirror triangle will not wobble.       

Remove the backing from a piece of weather stripping and place it on one side of the
  triangle, approximately one inch from one end.

Add two more pieces of weather stripping, one to each empty side of the triangle.  The three pieces of weather stripping should present a uniform appearance when placed correctly. 

Insert the mirrors, weather stripping down, into the PVC tube.

Compress the weather stripping slightly to make it fit.

Insert a one-inch piece of foam cord into the empty place between two points of the triangle.

Insert two more pieces into the remaining spaces in exactly the same manner.


Place the PVC end-cap onto the PVC tube 


The PVC end-cap will fit the tube tightly, so hit the end cap with the flat of your hand to be sure the end-cap is completely on the tube.

Add the self-stick label. Your kaleidoscope has no colors in it, but reflects the world


​                           via the mirrors, so we call it a WorldView Kaleidoscope.

  Enjoy the view. 

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