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Reflection of Light



Look at the picture. Light travelling through the medium falls on an object (butterfly),a part of the light bounces off from the object. This process is called reflection of light.



Did you know ?


Light is reflected from all surfaces.


Plane Mirror

Any smooth polished surface which can turn back the rays of light into the same medium can be called as a mirror.

Here the plane mirror is referred to as the reflecting surface.


Terms involved in reflection of light in a plane mirror:

  • The point on the mirror surface, where the incident ray strikes is called point of incidence. 
  • The ray which is directed towards the reflecting surface is called the INCIDENT RAY. 
  • The ray which is sent back into the medium is called the REFLECTED RAY. 
  • The perpendicular drawn (blue ray) at the point of incidence to the surface of mirror is called normal. 
  • Angle between the incident ray and normal is called angle of incident.
  • Angle between the reflected ray and normal is called angle of reflection.

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