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Sunlight –White or coloured



As we all know the sunlight is a white light and it consists of seven colours.

The splitting of light into its different components (VIBGYOR) ie., violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red is called the dispersion of light. For example, a prism is used to disperse light into its different components.


Activity to prove that the sunlight has seven colours

Take a plane mirror of suitable size.

Place it in a water filled bowl.

Keep this arrangement near a window in which the direct sunlight falls on the mirror.

Adjust the position of the bowl in such a way that the mirror reflection falls on the wall.

Fix a white paper on the wall.

You can observe that the reflected light will have many colours.

This is because the mirror and water in the bowl forms a prism. As we know already prism will split the white light into seven colours of light.


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