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What is Braille?


Louis Braille ( January 4, 1809 – January 6, 1852)

The braille system is a method that is widely used by blind and visually impaired people for reading and writing. Braille was devised in 1821 by Louis Braille, a Frenchman. Each braille character or cell is made up of six dot positions, arranged in a rectangle containing two columns of three dots each. Braille is read by passing the fingers over characters or cells. It has been adapted to almost every known language.

Braille Alphabets


Use of Computers for helping the visually impaired.




A special screen reading soft ware is used to teach the visually impaired people to work on the computers.

Helen Keller (1880-1968)


Helen Keller was someone who tried to make a difference in her life. She grew up as a deaf and blind person and her dream was to help others with the same problem. She stuck to her dreams until the day of her death just to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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