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Area of Trapezium


A quadrilateral which has at least one pair of opposite sides are parallel is called a trapezium.

Here are some examples of trapezium.



Area of trapezium:




Find the area of the lawn which has one pair of parallel lines by the side of the road. Measurements are given in the figure.





\ Area of the lawn = 600 m2



Nirupa owns a plot near a main Road. The plot has only one pair of parallel opposite sides. It is like trapezium in shape. Find the area of the plot. The measurements are given in the diagram.



By drawing EC || AB. We can divide it into two parts, one of rectangular shape and the other triangular shape.


Area of trapezium ABDE = area of D ECD + Area of rectangle ABCE

= 50 + 300 = 350m2

We can write, area of ABDE

By substituting the values of

h, b and a in this expression

We find

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