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Area of a Polygon

Polygon: A closed figure with at least three sides is called a polygon. Diagrams of different polygons are given below.


As we found the area of the quadrilateral we can also find the areas of these polygons by splitting into triangles.

For example, we can find the area of pentagon ABCDE in two different ways.



The area of a trapezium shaped field is 625m2, the distance between two parallel sides is 10m and one of the parallel side is 15m. Find the other parallel side.


One of the parallel side of a trapezium a = 15m

Another parallel side be b cm.

Height = 10m

Area of a trapezium

Other parallel side of the trapezium is 110m.



The area of a rhombus is 360cm2 and one of the diagonals is 14cm. Find the other diagonal.


Let length of one diagonal d1 = 14cm

Length of other diagonal =

Area of rhombus

The length of the second diagonal is 51.4 cm.

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