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Uses and Conservation of Minerals

Minerals are used in almost all industries.
  • Gold, silver and platinum are used in the jewellery industry.
  • Copper is used in the coin industry and for making pipes and wires.
  • Silicon obtained from quartz is used in the computer industry.
  • Aluminium obtained from bauxite ore is used in automobiles and airplanes, bottling industry, buildings and even in kitchen cookware.


Conservation of Minerals

We have to first remember that Minerals are a non-renewable resource. It takes thousands of years for the formation of minerals. We consume minerals at a very fast rate that the resources are fast depleting.



Now let us see how we can conserve or preserve these precious minerals which are useful to us in numerous ways.



The 3Rs are the motto to conserve our natural resources.

  • Reduce - to use less
  • Reuse - to put again into service without changing
  • Recycle - to put again into service with changing



Reduce simply means living more carefully and buying only what we need.
  • Shopping more carefully.
  • Maintaining and repairing clothes, toys, tools and appliances rather than replacing them with new ones.
  • Looking after items so they last a long time.
  • Hiring, sharing and borrowing things rather than buying new ones where possible.



Reusing means to use the same item more than once, preferably many times, rather than disposing of it after one use. Reusing saves the energy and resources that would have been used to make a new product.

  • Reuse empty glass jars for jams and sauces.
  • Take a basket or cloth bag with you when shopping.
  • Hire, share or borrow items you do not use very often.
  • Open envelopes carefully so that they can be reused.
  • Use small, empty plastic soft drink bottles as drink bottles for school or outings.
  • Buy second-hand books for school and pleasure.
  • Buy reusable items rather than disposable ones.


Recycling means to return a waste product to a factory where it is remade into either the same product or something different. For example, used aluminium cans can be recycled back into either new drink cans or engine blocks for new vehicles.


Materials that can be collected from most homes for recycling include:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • All glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminium cans and foil
  • PET plastic soft drink bottles and fruit juice bottles
  • Plastic milk, cream and juice bottles
  • Steel cans
  • Milk and juice cartons

Each one of us, big or small, young or old, rich or poor, can do our bit to conserve the natural resources given to us by nature. For life without these natural resources will be impossible.

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