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Games with Numbers

(i) Reversing the digits: two digit number

Conversation between Nikil and Nisha:


In general

If we add the two numbers we get

The sum is always a multiple of 11. If we divide the sum by 11, the quotient is which is exactly the sum of the digits of chosen number

Conversation between Tweety and Sylvester:


In general, 2 digit number ,reversing digits we get

If ones digit is larger than tens digit,

Resulting number is divisible by 9. So, the remainder is 0.

Reversing the digits - three digit number.

Nisha: Think of 3 digit number.

Rekha: Alright

Nisha: Use this number to form two more 3-digit numbers.

If you choose the number as

  • The next number is (ones place goes to 100's place)
  • The other number is bca. (10's place goes to 100's place)

Add them and divide it by 37, there is no remainder.

Rekha: Yes, you are right.

with no remainder.

In general

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