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Letters for Digits

Here we are going to see the puzzles based on the problems of addition and multiplication. Letters take the place of digits in an arithematic 'sum' and the problem is to find out which letter represents which digit.


Each letter in the puzzle must stand for just one digit. Each digit must be represented by just one letter.

The first digit of a number cannot be zero. Sixty five as 65 and not as 065 or 0065.



Find A in the addition.


In the ones column, from A + 5 we get 3, that is number whose ones digit is 3. This to happen, the digit A should be 8.


Example : Find A and B in the addition.

In the ones column, from 2 + A we get 7, this means the value of A should be 5.

In the tens column, from B + 8 we get 17, this means the value of B should be 9.


Example : Find the digits A and B.

Ones digit is is A so

If But the product should be more than 600.


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