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Question 1


a) Pollution

b) Green house effect  

c) Acid rain  

d) Potable water


Pollution is the introduction into the air, water or ground of toxic substances that are damaging to human health and ecosystems.

The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature that the Earth experiences because certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun.

The term 'acid rain' refers to the acidification of rain associated with the combustion of fossil fuel: coal, oil and natural gas

The water that is suitable for drinking is called as potable water.

Question 2

How does air get polluted?


Air gets polluted due to the following reasons

Natural sources

  Volcanic eruptions

Human activities
(1) Factories
(2) Automobiles

(3) Power plant

(4) Burning of firewood and dung cake


Question 3

Describe the harmful affects of

a) Air pollution  

b) Acid rain  

c) Ozone depletion

Harmful effects of air pollution are
cystic fibrosis
skin cancer lung cancer
Chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease

chronic bronchitis


Harmful effects of Acid rain causes

Respiratory problem

Lung damage

Harmful effects of Ozone.

a) Malignant Melanoma

b) Cortical Cataracts

Question 4

State the three character of drinking water


It is pleasant to taste

It is colorless and odorless

It is free from germs and suspended impurities

It is free from harmful chemicals

It contains dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide

Question 5

How can water be purified?


1. Candle filter is used for water purification

2. Traditional method of water filtration is boiling

3. Chlorination is the chemical method of purification of water

4. through the process of reverse osmosis water can be purified

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