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Given three Sides and Two Included Angles

Draw quadrilateral ABCD given that BC= 6cm ,



Steps :
(i) Draw = 5cm


(ii) At A draw an angle of and at B, draw an angle of


(iii) mark off distance =4cm and .


(iv) Join CD, ABCD is the required Quadrilateral


Construction :-


Construction of a quadrilateral given three sides and two included angles (SASAS case)
Let the given sides be AD = 5.6 cm, DC = 6.2 cm, CB = 4.9 cm,and the given angles be

D = 108°, C = 120°

In this case, we do not need to construct the quadrilateral by constructing two triangles.

1. Draw DC =6.2 cm
2. At D draw

3. With D as centre and radius 5.6 cm cut off
    DA=6.2 cm on the ray DX.

4. At C draw
   ∠DCY =120°

5. With C as centre and radius 4.9 cm cut off
    CB = 4.9 cm on the ray CY.

6. Join AB.

    Then ABCD is the required quadrilateral.

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