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Public Facilities


As already mentioned in the introduction there are various public facilities that the government has to provide. Water is the most important of them.

Some of the other essential facilities are healthcare, sanitation, electricity, public transport and educational institutions.


Characteristics of Public Facilities:

  • The benefits of public facility can be shared by many people.
  • Government schools enable many children to get educated.
  • The supply of electricity is essential for all households. Farmers can run pump sets to irrigate their fields; people open small workshops that run on electricity.

  • Public transport help people commute at an affordable price.


  • Public parks and libraries provide recreation for the citizens.


  • Health care and sanitation are essential for a healthy life.

The Government’s Role in providing Public facilities


One of the most important functions of the government is to ensure that these public facilities are made available to everyone.

Only the government can maintain certain public facilities. Private companies work for a profit and more over they will not have the required capital and manpower to undertake operations on such an enormous scale.


Public facilities that only the government can maintain.

  • Roads

  • Railways

  • Sanitation

  • Water supply

  • Electricity

The above mentioned facilities can only be provided and maintained by the Government as they involve an enormous amount of money and are not very profitable enterprises.


Public facilities that are also provided by Private companies.

  • Schools and colleges

  • Hospitals

  • Transportation

The above mentioned facilities are provided by the government and private companies. We can find many private educational institutions in cities. Long distance buses are operated by private companies; similarly there are many Private Hospitals that provide health care for the citizens.

We also find certain private companies supplying water in Tankers and cans.

Public facilities provided by Private companies are not usually within the reach of the common man.


Public facilities relate to people’s basic needs. Any modern society requires these facilities so that people’s basic needs are met.

The Right to Life that the Constitution guarantees is for all persons living in this country.

Thus the government plays the crucial role of providing all facilities to the majority of its citizens.


Funds for Public Facilities

The main source of income for the government is through the tax it collects from the citizens.

Some of the types of taxes the government collects are………..

  • Income Tax

  • Property Tax

  • Sales Tax

  • Excise Duty

  • Water Tax

  • Vehicle Tax

With the revenue from the tax collected, the government provides the public facilities mentioned earlier.

The government plans its expenditure, making a clear statement on the amount of money it is going to spend on each facility.

This statement is called the ‘Government Budget’ and is presented in the Parliament and Legislature every year in the month February / March.

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