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Water Supply in other Cities and Countries

Let us see the how water is supplied in certain cities in India and other parts of the world



In Bolivia, water supply was taken up by private companies. The water supplied was very costly and this resulted in protests and riots in many cities. So, the government took up to supplying water.



Mumbai is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra, in India. In this city the government is successfully supply water in adequate quantity to all its citizens. The water supply department in Mumbai raises enough money through water charges to cover its expenses on supplying water.



Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Hyderabad is successfully supplying water to all its city dwellers. It has also streamlined water tax collection and is able to meet the expense incurred for supply adequate water.



In Chennai, the water works department has taken several initiatives for harvesting rain water to increase the level of groundwater. It has also used the services of private companies for transporting and distributing water but the government water supply department decides the rate for water tankers and gives them permission to operate. Hence they are called ‘on contract’.

Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • Porto Alegre is a city in Brazil.

  • The city’s water department has achieved universal access to safe water and this is the main reason behind the lower number of infant deaths.

  • The average price of water is kept low, and the poor are charged half the basic rate.

  • The profit is used to improve the water supply.

  • The water department works in an open manner and public meetings are held so that the people can share their grievances and give suggestions for the better performance of the department.


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