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Water and the People of Chennai

As seen earlier, water- supply for residence in a city is the responsibility of the government.


Now let us take Chennai city- the capital of Tamil Nadu state – to study the nature of water –supply maintained by the authorities.

Let us take 4 different localities in Chennai and study the nature of water supplied there.

1. Anna Nagar – Anna Nagar is a posh residential area where senior government officials and businessmen reside.


Anna Nagar, Chennai

  •  The houses in this locality receive water through pipes for major part of the day.

  •  In case of shortage of water through the pipes, water is supplied through Water Tankers immediately.

  •  The whole area looks green and lush as even the public parks are well watered.

  • 2. Mylapore is a major commercial center, and one of the oldest residential parts of Chennai city.


    Apartments in Mylapore

  •  Many apartments in Mylapore suffer from water shortage.

  •  This area gets Municipal water once in two days.

  •  Most residents depend on private bore wells for their water needs.

  •  Residents are sometimes forced to buy water if the bore well water is unfit for cooking and bathing purposes.

  •  They are forced to use water purifiers for drinking purposes.

  • 3. Madipakkam is one among the southern suburbs of Chennai.

  • Houses in Madipakkam get water once in 4 days

  •  Water shortage is an accepted way of life in this suburb.

  •  Residents buy bottled water for drinking.

  • 4. Saidapet is largely a residential area with slums nearby.

  •  Slum dwellers near Saidapet live in hutments that do not have water taps.

  •  They collect water for their daily needs from a common tap at the corner of the street.

  •  Water is supplied to this common tap from a bore well for 20 minutes, twice daily.

  •  All the hutment dwellers have to use only this common tap. Thus they get about 3 buckets of water daily.

  •  During summer months even this merger supply is reduced.

  • We have seen the nature of water supplied in 4 different localities in Chennai. One area receives copious water while one area is suffering from shortage of water. There is a lot of disparity in water supplied by the government.


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