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Expression of Secondary Sexual Characters in Males and Females

A characteristic, such as breast development, voice pitch, or facial hair that distinguishes the sexes from each other. The appearance of these characteristics is influenced by the secretion of hormones. Hormones are the chemical substance secreted by the endocrine gland. In males Testosterone is the hormone initiating the secondary sexual characters, Estrogen is responsible for the production of secondary sexual characters in female.

Testosterone is involved in:

  • Greater bone density

  • Larger organ size

  • Higher muscle mass

  • Thicker hair growth

  • Wider shoulder bones and rib cage

  • Larger voice box (thus deeper voice)

  • Development of male sexual organs

Estrogen is involved in:

  • Breast development

  • Development of female sexual organs

  • Increase in fat tissue, particularly around the thighs, hips and breasts

  • Reduced muscle mass

  • Wider pelvic bone

  • Growth of the uterine lining

  • Water retentions
    Many of the characteristics which distinguish the male from the female in various species are simply the greater development of some structure or trait in one sex than in the other.


    Question :

    What differences exist in other organism between male and female ?

    Solution :

    The cock's comb is the same as the hen's comb, only more elaborate. The horns of the stag-beetle are the same as the mandibles of the female, exaggerated in their development. The mammary glands of mammals are specialized skin glands, present in both sexes but functional as milk-producers only in the female.


Sexual differences exist among different animals

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