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Sex Determination in Human Being

The sex of an individual is determined by the chromosomes, a thread like structure present inside the nuclues of his body. A normal human being consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes. Among this 22 pairs are autosomes responsible for the expression of body characters and one pair of chromosome is sex chromosome which determines the sex of an individual person.

Males consist of XY chromosome and females consist of XX chromosome as sex chromosomes. The figure given below illustrates that during gamete formation only one of the either chromosomes in male or female enters into each gamete. So the gametes (sperm and egg) consist of one set of chromosome (haploid). In the checker board it is clearly given that the X-chromosome which fuses with Y-chromosome can only produce a male child.


A male child can get the Y-chromosome only from the sperm of a male parent and not from a female parent who is having two X-chromosomes.

 If the fact is like this in what way it is correct to blame a mother giving birth to a female child? Please think and educate others also.

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