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Social Adjustments

Social behaviors of adolescents and their developmental outcomes include friendship patterns, prosocial behavior, and aggressive behavior. Contemporary adolescence is filled with stress and problems, some of which is exaggerated, but unfortunately some of the stress is experienced fully.

People who are suffering emotionally use drugs, not so much for the rush, but to escape from their problems. They are trying to self-medicate themselves out of loneliness, low self-esteem, unhappy relationships, or stress.  This is a pattern that too often leads to drug abuse and addiction.

Drugs are chemicals that have a profound impact on the neurochemical balance in the brain which directly affects how you feel and act. Don’t take any drugs without doctors consultation. Self-medication will ruin health and slowly we will get addicted to the certain drugs which give us a temporary cure. The major killing disease AIDS caused by HIV is transmitted from diseases person to a healthy person through unsafe syringes used for intra venal drug injection.

Students only you can change the world in the better way. Show your co-operation with the government to eradicate the killing disease like AIDS.

AIDS awareness programme at school

Guidance is very necessary for a person at any stage


“Prevention is better than cure”

“Building healthy body builds healthy mind”

Take this statement and uplift your life with the guidens of your parents and teachers. 

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