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Sexual Reproduction

Merits of Sexual Reproduction

  • There is a large chance of an evolution taking place. Thus the species would be able to adapt to new environmental conditions. Also new species could be born.

  • A new character is formed with the mixed gametes of the parents so there is a chance that the parent’s diseases would not be received by the offspring.

Demerits of Sexual Reproduction

  • Only half the population (females) is capable of gestation.

  • Two parents have to be involved in the process.

  • Having to find a mate and producing gamete cells is a difficult process.

  • Fertilization has to take place and there is no guarantee that the nucleus of the male sex cell would fuse with the female sex cell.

  • This takes a long time and there is no guarantee that an offspring would be born. In sexual reproduction, unlike in asexual reproduction two parents are involved. Two gamete cells are involved.


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