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Human Made Resources

Human-made resources are resources that are created by humans to transform and use the gifts of nature. Some times resources become useful to man only when their original form is changed.

Let us look at some of the man-made resources.

  • Buildings; Roads; Vehicles; Machinery and Equipment: These resources which are very useful to man are made by man using natural resources.
  • Technology - Technology refers to the process or method by which goods are produced. It is also considered a man-made resource. Rapid industrialization in many parts of the world has been possible due to the advancement in technology.
    • Buildings need bricks, steel rods windows and doors and cement.
  • Bricks are got from clay-which is a natural resource.
  • Steel rods are made from iron ore which is a natural resource.
  • Windows and doors are made from wood which again is a natural resource.
  • Cement is made from lime stone which is a natural resource.
    • Machinery, Vehicles and Equipment need different kinds of metals which are natural resources.

      Building and Their Requirements

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