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Any natural or human wealth that can be used for satisfying human needs is called a resource.

Let us define resources in other ways to make it more understandable.

  • A person, asset, material, or capital which can be used to accomplish a goal can be called resources.
  • All things on the earth that are necessary for our existence on this planet and which fulfill our needs in one way or another can be called resources.
  • Now let us look at a few resources to understand the word even better.


    Clothes, utensils, food grains, combs, honey, books are resources. They are called man-made resources.



    Land, air, water, sunshine, rain, forests and minerals are also resources. They are called natural resources.

    Man Made Resources


    Now that we have seen the resources we use in our daily life let us go a little deeper and find out the characteristics of resources.  

    Natural Resources


    Resources utility

    Something that serves a useful purpose is said to have utility. Utility or usability is what makes an object or substance a resource.


    Value of Resources

    Resources that have economic or commercial value. Resources that do not have economic or commercial value. Metal is a resource that has economic value as we make many products from it, for our daily use. On the other hand a beautiful scenery you see may not have economic value but is still considered a resource as it is useful in giving pleasure to the human mind.    
    A Beautiful Scenery A beautiful scenery is a resource without economic value.


    Gold is an element. It is probably the oldest precious metal known to man.

    Resources Found in Limited Quantity

    Let us take a look at a few natural resources like crude oil, gold, forests and river water. These resources are found in limited quantities in our planet. You would have read about water scarcity in many places and that crude oil reserves are fast depleting. Forests which are a source of great natural resource are also fast disappearing due to deforestation and forest fires.

    Crude Oil




    So we come to understand that many resources are limited in quantity and we have to conserve them to exist on this earth.

    Resources used to provide services and produce new goods

    Time and technology are two important factors that can change substances into resources according to the needs of the people. People themselves are the most important resource. Their ideas, knowledge, inventions and discoveries lead to the creation of more resources. One invention leads to another.

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