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Protection Against Earthquake

It is very important for the people living in the seismic zones to protect themselves from earthquakes. The buildings in these zones should be designed to withstand the tremors.

The following precautions can be taken to make a safe living.

Qualified architects and structural engineers can be consulted before building houses.

Mud or timber can be used in place of heavy construction material. Roofs should be as light as possible, so that even in earthquakes the damage is less.

Cupboards and shelves can be fixed to the walls, so that they do fall easily.

The wall hangings like clocks, photo frames etc so that they do not fall on people during the earthquake.

All tall buildings should have fire fighting equipment in working order during earthquakes.

The following steps can be taken

  • If you are at home:

Take shelter under a table and stay there till shaking stops.

Stay away from tall and heavy objects that may fall on you.

If you are in bed, do not get up. Protect your head with a pillow.

  • If you are outdoors:

Find a clear spot, away from buildings, trees and overhead power lines. Drop to the ground.

If you are in a car or a bus, do not come out. Ask the driver to drive slowly to clear spot. Do not come out till the tremors stop.

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