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  • There are two kinds of charges - positive and negative. 
  • Some objects can be charged by rubbing with other objects. 
  • Like charges repel and unlike charges attract each other. 
  • When charges move, they constituent an electric current. 
  • The electrical charges produced by rubbing are called static charges. 
  • An electroscope may be used to detect whether a body is charged or not. 
  • The process of electric discharge between clouds and the earth or between different clouds causes lightning. 
  • Lightning strike could destroy life and property. 
  • Lightning conductors can protect buildings from the effects of lightning. 
  • An earthquake is a sudden shaking or trembling of the earth. 
  • Earthquake is caused by a disturbance deep inside the earth's crust. 
  • Earthquakes tend to occur at the boundaries of earth's plates. These boundaries are known as fault zones. 
  • Destructive energy of an earthquake is measured on the Richter scale. The earthquake measuring 7 or more on Richter scale can cause severe damage to life and property.

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