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Music and Noise

Sounds which are pleasant to hear are called as music. Here we have number of instruments which produces pleasing sound.


Sounds which gives discomfort to hear. Such unpleasant sounds are called as noise. For e.g. when a cup of glass breaks, it produces noise.

If all the students speak together, it is noise.

Horns from buses, trucks are also termed as noise.


Noise Pollution and Its Control

Presence of excessive or unwanted sounds in the environment is called noise pollution.


The major cause for noise pollution is sounds of vehicles, explosions including bursting of crackers, machines, loudspeakers, etc.

Television and transistor radio at high volumes, some kitchen appliances, desert coolers, air conditioners, all contribute to noise pollution.

Harms of Noise Pollution
Excessive noise in the surroundings may cause many health related problems, i.e. lack of sleep, hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety and many more health disorders may be caused by noise pollution. A person who is exposed to a loud sound continuously may get temporary or even permanent impairment of hearing.


Measures to Limit Noise Pollution
To control noise, we must control the sources of noise. Noise producing industries should be set up away from such area. The noisy operations must be conducted away from any residential area. Silencing devices must be installed in air craft engines, transport vehicles, industrial machines and home appliances. Use of automobile horns should be minimized. TV and music systems should be run at low volumes. Trees must be planted along the roads and around buildings to cut down on the sounds reaching the residents, thus reducing the harmful effects of noise pollution.

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