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Production of Sound Using Musical Instruments

Take a thin card board and hit the thin cardboard with a hammer and observe what happens. We can hear sound and this sound is due to the vibrations of the thin cardboard. As you hit the thin card board, you can observe the cardboard vibrating. These vibrations produce sound.

Some of the musical instruments which produce various kinds of sounds are given below. Try to use all these instruments and observe the variation in their vibrations produced and also the sound.



The instruments shown in the picture are termed as string instruments which produce sound using the vibrations of strings.


Here are few string instruments. Try identifying them.

These instruments are termed as wind instruments which produce sound due to blowing of air.


We can see musicians playing these instruments in the music concerts and also in musical recording theatres.

These instruments are termed as percussion instruments which produce sound as you simply beat or strike them with your hand or stick.




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