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Synthetic Fibre
  • Clothes are made of fabrics.
  • Fabrics are made by using fibres.
  • Fibres can be obtained form natural or synthetic (artificial) sources.
  • Synthetic fibres and plastics, like natural fibres are made of very large units which in turn are made up of many similar or combination of small units. The larger units are called polymers
Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic Fibres

  • Cellulose is a natural polymers.
  • While natural fibres are obtained from plant and animal sources, synthetic fibres are obtained by chemical processing of petrochemicals, like natural fibres these fibres can also be woven into a fabric.
  • Synthetic fibres find uses ranging from many household articles like ropes, buckets furniture, containers, etc to highly specialized used in aircrafts, ships, spacecrafts, health care etc.

Synthetic Robes


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