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Types of Synthetic Fibres

  • Depending upon the types of chemicals used for manufacturing, synthetic fibres are named as Rayon, nylon, polyester and acrylic.


    Rayon or Artificial Silk
    1. It is a man-made fibre obtained from a natural source wood pulp
    2. It can be dyed in a wide variety of colours
    3. Rayon is mixed with cotton to make bed sheets or mixed with wool to make carpets

Bed Sheets





  1. It was the first fully synthetic fibre. It was prepared from coal water and air.
  2. Nylon fibres are strong elastic and light, lustrous and easy to wash.


  1. It is used to make many items like socks, ropes, tents, tooth brushes, car seat belts, steeping bags, curtains etc.


Car Seat Belts


  1. Nylon is also used for making parachutes and ropes for rock climbing





  1. It remains crisp, wrinkle free and easy to wash, so it is quite suitable for making dressing material
  2. Terylene, can be drawn into very fine fibres that can be woven like any other yarn.





  1. PET, is used for making bottles, utensils, films, wires and many other useful products.


Acrylic is an artificial wool

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