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The celebration of British military triumph can be seen in the paintings of the battle of Seringapatam. The 2 painting shown here were painted by Robert Ker Porter


Robert Ker Porter



Paintings of the Battle of Seringapatam

This work depicts "the decisive victory of the British in their series of campaigns to seize control of southern India. In 1799 at the final siege of Seringapatam they defeated and killed the Nawab of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, and annexed his territories.

  • In these pictures the British troops are shown storming the fort from all sides, cutting Tipu’s soldiers to pieces, climbing the walls, raising the British flag aloft on the ramparts of Tipu’s fort.

  • The paintings are full of action and energy.

  • The painting dramatises the event and glorifies the British triumph.

Imperial history paintings created a lasting memory of the British victory in the British. The paintings depicted the British as invincible and all-powerful.


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